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Pre-inspection and Planning in 3D

intelligeNDT Systems and Services (iNDT) is a company with experience of over a quarter of a century in the NDT space. They work in various fields such as power generation, aerospace, and the automotive industry, providing NDT services such as fabrication of inspection systems, testing of industrial installations, etc.

One of their offerings involves development and qualification of inspection solutions for materials and geometries that are difficult to inspect. Geometries such as nozzle-to-vessel or nozzle-to-pipe welds, undulating surfaces and so on are difficult to inspect, due to the complexity of the physics involved.

iNDT leverages the 3D simulation and modeling capabilities of the Kovid iMaV tool to simulate the actual inspection using UT probes.



Leader in Nuclear Waste Management

The customer is a pioneer in the area of nuclear waste management and extensively leverages NDT techniques throughout its research. Unsatisfied with the present XRAY software and hardware combinations available, the customer uses Kovid’s modular framework to put together its own system that contours to its specific requirements perfectly.

This purpose built system gives the customer the flexibility of getting maximum ROI from the software + hardware combination. The fact that Kovid is independent of the hardware makes it extremely high ROI , enabling the customer to use a variety of detectors and source combinations but needing to train inspectors only on software. Furrthe. The Kovid platform is open enabling the customer to add his custom algorithms for Automatic Defect detection etc. The icing on the cake is provided by possible extensions to Kovid into managing Ultrasound and other data. This will enable the customer to use a single NDT software platform to manage NDT data across technique. Further the platform can be integrated with Enterprise Asset Management Systems enabling users to access all relevant data at the click of a mouse.

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