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Lucid Launches its NDT imaging software - Kovid

Last week, Lucid Software Ltd., a specialized NDT software company, launched its flagship product - Kovid. “In Sanskrit, the word Kovid means a learned man. We believe it justifies our position in this industry as software leader”, said Krishna Mohan Reddy, CEO at Lucid.

Kovid extends unprecedented image manipulation and analysis capabilities to the NDT expert. It captures scans from the NDT hardware and leverages advanced algorithms to give the NDT technician fantastic analysis capabilities on every scan. With over 30 home grown filters that can make defect detection a breeze, Kovid’s Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) is an advanced imaging algorithm that automatically detects defects straight off a scan image.

The current available version supports Xray only and is suitable for all types of Xray NDT techniques. The next version will include support for CT (Computer Tomography) and Ultrasound enabling 3D visualization. This would enable multi-technique, multi-hardware, and platform independent NDT data analysis.

“Kovid is designed and developed to enhance the NDT technician’s potential. Every industry that has embraced software has grown by leaps and bounds. The NDT industry has still a lot of room to grow and really exploit the potential of software”, says Madhusudan CP, CMO at Lucid.

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