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Why NDT Software

And here in lies the truth. In the last 4 decades, every industry that’s embraced software has grown by leaps and bounds. And these aren’t just regular business functions. These are highly technical and intense jobs that are being performed by skilled, trained, and experienced individuals. People with years of experience and lots to lose if things go wrong. Aerospace, Nuclear Energy, Seismology, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Semiconductors, etc. have all adopted the use of niche software that’s making professionals in these industries faster, more efficient, and less redundant.

Your NDT technicians are already using some level of software to work with scans and images. So if there’s already a technician working with NDT data, and he’s able to successfully do his job with the minimalist software he’s using, is there a need to change this equation?

Before I answer this question, let me ask you how do you see your NDT data. Do you see this data supporting an executive decision? Or do you see this data as a potential storehouse for strategic and revolutionary insights that can drive profitability across your enterprise.

NDT data is just that - data. They are numbers. Statistics and graphs. What you do with it is what’s important. And critical. This is where survivors get separated from winners.

So what does niche and specialized NDT imaging software like Kovid do for your NDT inspection teams? On a broad level, it can very quickly empower the technicians to organize their daily activities. A technician can significantly improve his productivity by preventing repeated errors and can induce a workflow on his inspection processes. On an operational level, Kovid provides remarkable image manipulation capabilities that make decision making a breeze. Every image output from a probe scan can now be subjected to a plethora of more than 30 filters that make detection simpler and more easy to document. At a strategic level, Kovid integrates all inspection data and builds a central knowledge repository that is available to everyone. Your inspection teams can carry this knowledge repository on-site and have better answers for your question ‘when should it be retired - if not now’

The real question isn’t whether software is a threat. The real question is can software be your best friend. Can software give you the competitive edge? Can your inspection teams have better answers in a shorter period of time. Unless there’s a magic pill that they’ve missed, some of the world’s largest manufacturers and their NDT inspection teams are working with Kovid to accelerate and improve their NDT inspection needs.

Talk to your instrument supplier about how you can procure a Kovid Installation on your hardware. Otherwise, drop in an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your details and we’ll get one of our representatives to contact you.