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Who cares when you’re young?

Up until only a decade ago, enterprises weren’t so concerned with their assets’ life spans. It’s the problem with youth. Who cares about old age when you’re young?

However, the problem becomes quite apparent as the asset matures and approaches its End-of-Life (EoL). Though every manufacturer predicts and quantifies a recommended EoL, users want to really exploit this and ensure before they invest any more dollars, the true life of the asset has been achieved. In fact, who would mind extending the manufacturer’s recommended EoL ?



Challenges with preparing optimized scan plans

Consider a classic inspection scenario. You’ve got the project – an isolated nuclear vessel nozzle that needs to be inspected for welding defects and cracks. You sit down to prepare the optimized scan plan to ensure you get maximum coverage in the least amount of time.



Where is NDT Headed in the next 10 years

The last decade was an influential decade for the engineering industries out there. From manufacturing to NDT. However, for the NDT industry, the next 10 will be even more influential. Here are our top 5 predictions for the decade ahead of us:

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Why NDT Software

And here in lies the truth. In the last 4 decades, every industry that’s embraced software has grown by leaps and bounds. And these aren’t just regular business functions. These are highly technical and intense jobs that are being performed by skilled, trained, and experienced individuals. People with years of experience and lots to lose if things go wrong. Aerospace, Nuclear Energy, Seismology, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering, Semiconductors, etc. have all adopted the use of niche software that’s making professionals in these industries faster, more efficient, and less redundant.

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