Dynamic Profiler

The dynamic profiler is one of the most advanced features with Kovid. The profiler gives real-time profile of the area under the cursor.

Products Kovid RT Dynamic Profiler

Users can choose a line cursor for a single line dimension analysis or use a rectangle area for a x:y comparison. The profile gets updated in real-time as the cursor is moved.

See a 1 min demo of how the Dynamic Profiler works»

Linear Dynamic Profiling

The LINE PROFILER gives the profile right next to the cursor for easier inspection. This works for both line and rectangle cursors.

3D Dynamic Profiling

The SURFACE PLOT provides a 3D perspective of the region under the cursor. The plot can be rotated in X,Y, and Z axis and the user can zoom into the plot for a better perspective of the defect.





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Combining the linear and 3D profiles gives unmatched image analysis capabilities to the NDT Expert – all with just a few clicks.




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