Assisted Defect Recognition

Kovid’s remarkable AI engine recognizes defects automatically and greatly improves defect recognition and isolation.

Products Kovid RT Assisted Defect Recognition

Once the ADR has learnt the profile of the defect, the automated engine can go scan after scan and pick out specific defects that match the profile.Users can also define a specific variance to ensure almost zero possibilities of a defect getting missed.

Threshold Defect sizing

Users can set a threshold that acts as the floor for defect recognition.

Manually mark the indication

Users can also mark defects manually and feed it to the ADR.

Variety of visualizations available

Each defect can be analyzed through multiple visualizations like graphs, plots, views, descriptive reports etc.

Defect Distribution Evaluator

The ADR picks out the distribution of the defect across the scan for a single click inspection. Used for analyzing distribution of defects over size, area and volume by showing plots against them.

Identify type of indication

User can identify the type of indication, also provides an easy way to accept or reject and specify the reason for the indication.

Proximity rule

The proximity rule can be applied to combine the closest indications for a bigger perspective.

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