Over 30 Filters

More than 30 advanced image manipulation filters that make defect isolation a breeze.

Products Kovid RT 100+ Preset Filters

Kovid possesses over 100+ Preset Filters home grown filters that allow unmatched image manipulation and analysis.

FFT Filters:
Butterworth low pass filter, Butterworth high pass filter, Ideal Low pass Filter, Ideal high pass filter

Image Enhancement and Smoothening:

Running Mean, Running Median, Pseudo Plast, Image Erode, Image Dilate, Gaussian Smooth, Bilateral Image Filter, Derivative Image Filter


Crop, Rotate, Flip, Resize, Crop to Selection


Binary Threshold, Ostu Multiple Threshold, Ostu Threshold, Robust Automatic Threshold


Add Specified Noise, Salt and Pepper, Despeckle Filter

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